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Miedema, Rene (author), Smaragdos, Georgios (author), Negrello, Mario (author), Al-Ars, Z. (author), Möller, M. (author), Strydis, C. (author)
The Hodgkin-Huxley (HH) neuron is one of the most biophysically-meaningful models used in computational neuroscience today. Ironically, the model's high experimental value is offset by its disproportional computational complexity. To such an extent that neuroscientists have either resorted to simpler models, losing precious neuron detail, or...
journal article 2020
van der Bok, Kees (author)
The increasing transistor density of Integrated Circuits (ICs) ever since their introduction, has scaled the computational performance of microprocessors. As a consequence of the gain in transistor density, the power dissipation density has also increased to a degree that has become a limiting factor in further performance scaling. The prevalent...
master thesis 2018
Kienhuis, A.C.J. (author)
doctoral thesis 1999