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Nandakumar, Lakshminarayanan (author), Tillem, G. (author), Erkin, Z. (author), Keviczky, T. (author)
Smart grids promise a more reliable, efficient, economically viable, and environment-friendly electricity infrastructure for the future. State estimation in smart grids plays a pivotal role in system monitoring, reliable operation, automation, and grid stabilization. However, the power consumption data collected from the users during state...
journal article 2019
Strucks, Christopher (author), Slokom, M. (author), Larson, M.A. (author)
Past research has demonstrated that removing implicit gender information from the user-item matrix does not result in substantial performance losses. Such results point towards promising solutions for protecting users’ privacy without compromising prediction performance, which are of particular interest in multistakeholder environments. Here,...
conference paper 2019