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de Pater, I.I. (author), Mitici, M.A. (author)
Most Remaining Useful Life (RUL) prognostics are obtained using supervised learning models trained with many labelled data samples (i.e., the true RUL is known). In aviation, however, aircraft systems are often preventively replaced before failure. There are thus very few labelled data samples available. We therefore propose a Long Short-Term...
journal article 2023
Schuring, J. (author)
Current design methods for digital control systems to be operated in a continuous environment do not always result in the most efficient use of digital computing hardware. To improve this situation, a dedicated frequency response analysis method was developed for hybrid systems. For practical use of the method, it has been expanded to an...
report 1987
Zwartbol, T. (author), Terpstra, A.P. (author), van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. (author), van den Dam, R.F. (author)
This document presents an approach to sampled data, on-board estimation and control of the attitude motion of manoeuvring spacecraft. Algorithms which are developed include: a - model following control of attitude manoeuvres b - estimation of spacecraft state (attitude, angular velocity, disturbance torque) c - optical-inertial attitude...
report 1982