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Barbera, Matteo (author)
Flying-wings show great potential for a vast number of applications, in both commercial and military sectors, thanks to their long range and fast forward flight, but suffer due to their lack of vertical take-off and landing capabilities. This paper presents a proof of concept for a novel landing method for a conventional flying wing that does...
master thesis 2022
Ravi Ramesh, Ravi (author)
Airfoils in deep stall have been a subject of extensive computational discussion in the past, with multiple efforts being performed by various institutions to test their solvers and turbulence/hybrid sub-grid scale (SGS) models for their use in massively separated flows. This case has an important application in turbomachinery where unsteady...
master thesis 2021
Timmer, W.A. (author)
A relatively simple method is presented to predict the maximum two-dimensional drag coefficient of an airfoil only using its shape. The method is based on a contribution related to the leading edge thickness in terms of the y/c coordinate at x/c=0.0125 and a contribution related to the trailing edge flow angle which appears also to be...
journal article 2020