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de Wildt, Rogier (author)
Recent reports show that deforestation in Latin-America has been severe over the last decades. Especially Brazil is subject to an alarming rate of forest loss, which will remain a factor in the coming decades. In addition to deforestation, there is an increasing amount of hazards like floods and mudslides. These hazards result in major damage to...
master thesis 2022
Braat, Charlotte (author)
Protecting forests from agricultural expansion and wildfires while the world population is growing and the climate is warming remains one of the biggest challenges humanity currently faces. While global modelling and regional observation based studies have found significant effects from deforestation on precipitation, leading mostly to drying...
master thesis 2021
Sharma, Ajar (author)
Forests can influence local and regional weather and climate by various mechanisms. The importance of forests as a key regulator of moisture circulation has been shown by many studies. The Amazon rainforest is the lifeline for the conservation of the biodiversity of the region. However, since the last three decades, the deforestation trend in...
master thesis 2017