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Tiburzio, Seb (author)
In robotic manipulation of deformable objects, the continuum nature of the object state leads to prohibitively high degrees of freedom when traditional modelling techniques are applied, leading to much research focusing on approaches that avoid an explicit object model. However, without such a model the opportunities for long horizon planning...
master thesis 2023
Qiu, Yulei (author)
Deformable Object Manipulation (DOM) is an important field of research as it contributes to practical tasks such as cloth handling, cable routing, surgical operation etc. The sensing in DOM is now considered as one of the major challenges in robotics due to the complex dynamics and high degree of freedom of deformable objects. One challenge is...
master thesis 2022
TSAI, CHIA-YU (author)
Deformable objects manipulation (DOM) is largely considered an open problem in robotics. The complexity stems from the high degrees of freedom and nonlinear nature of the object configurations. In this thesis, we consider placing and flattening tasks for cloth-like objects. We propose a practical framework to place a cloth on a surface based on...
master thesis 2021