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Naddaf Dezfuli, S. (author)
When a bone is fractured, it loses its structural integrity which makes it unable to bear any mechanical load. Therefore, a broken bone must be supported until it regains its strength to handle the body's movement and weight. A surgical procedure is needed to set a fractured bone. This procedure often involves repositioning the bone fragments...
doctoral thesis 2018
Naddaf Dezfuli, S. (author), Huan, Z. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), Leeflang, M.A. (author), Chang, Jiang (author), Zhou, J. (author)
The present research was aimed at developing magnesium-matrix composites that could allow effective control over their physiochemical and mechanical responses when in contact with physiological solutions. A biodegradable, bioactive ceramic - bredigite was chosen as the reinforcing phase in the composites, based on the hypothesis that the...
journal article 2017