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Calabrò, Giovanni (author), Le Pira, Michela (author), Giuffrida, Nadia (author), Inturri, Giuseppe (author), Ignaccolo, Matteo (author), Correia, Gonçalo (author)
This paper presents an agent-based model (ABM) to simulate and compare two different operation strategies of a public transport service in small-sized cities, namely a fixed-route transit (FRT) and a demand-responsive transport (DRT) service, under varying demand rates and supply configurations. The ABM builds upon a previous work by the...
conference paper 2023
Sharif Azadeh, S. (author), van der Zee, J. (author), Wagenvoort, M. (author)
Sparsely populated areas tend to be poorly served by Fixed Line and Schedule (FLS) public transport systems as the operation of a regular bus line is not economically viable for such areas. Therefore, introducing a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) to partially replace FLS can result in increasing mobility service accessibility and inclusion....
journal article 2022