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Bron Jacobs, Joachim (author)
A Tomographic Background-Oriented Schlieren (TBOS) technique is developed to aid in the visualization of compressible flows. An experimental setup was devised around a sub-scale rocket nozzle, in which four cameras were set up in a circular configuration with 30° angular spacing in azimuth. Measurements were taken of the overexpanded supersonic...
student report 2023
Zhang, F. (author), Yang, Y. (author), Hendriks, M.A.N. (author)
To assess the structural capacity of reinforced concrete structures, identifying the internal cracks is important. Acoustic emission (AE) is promising to estimate the location of internal cracks. However, the localization is influenced by many factors like arrival time picking error, presence of crack, etc., resulting in localization error. The...
journal article 2023
Langendoen, E.J. (author), Karelse, M. (author)
Detailed measurements are presented of velocity and density fields in the entrance of a model harbor on a stratified tidal river. Three geometries of the harbor entrance were examined, (1) a harbor with its length axis perpendicular to the river and an entrance width of 1 m, (2) as (1) but with an entrance width of 0.5 m, and (3) a harbor with...
report 1990