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Ciardelli, Ivano (author), Iemhoff, Rosalie (author), Yang, F. (author)
In recent years, the logic of questions and dependencies has been investigated in the closely related frameworks of inquisitive logic and dependence logic. These investigations have assumed classical logic as the background logic of statements, and added formulas expressing questions and dependencies to this classical core. In this paper, we...
journal article 2020
Yang, F. (author)
Both propositional dependence logic and inquisitive logic are expressively complete. As a consequence, every formula in the language of inquisitive logic with intuitionistic disjunction or intuitionistic implication can be translated equivalently into a formula in the language of propositional dependence logic without these two connectives....
journal article 2017
Yang, F. (author), Väänänen, Jouko (author)
We consider team semantics for propositional logic, continuing In team semantics the truth of a propositional formula is considered in a set of valuations, called a team, rather than in an individual valuation. This offers the possibility to give meaning to concepts such as dependence, independence and inclusion. We associate with every...
journal article 2016