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Dave, D. (author)
As we move towards an aging population, it is likely that an increasing number of people will require an increasing diversity of implants, but at a lower cost to the society. Also, as computer technology progresses, smaller, more powerful, and less battery intensive implants can be designed. However, present implant design methodology is highly...
master thesis 2010
Caarls, W. (author)
Parallel heterogeneous multiprocessor systems are often shunned in embedded system design, not only because of their design complexity but because of the programming burden. Programs for such systems are architecture-dependent: the application developer needs architecture-specific knowledge to implement his algorithms, as each processor has its...
doctoral thesis 2008
Ditzel, M. (author)
Chip designers face increasingly complex designs and multiple competing design objectives and constraints. Early in the design cycle, a designer has to make choices relying on insufficient or inaccurate information. For instance, the designer has to decide which parts to implement in software and which in hardware. The complexity of the designs...
doctoral thesis 2004