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Fakhredin, F. (author)
The topic of this thesis is design for recycling (DfR) of electronic products. More than ever before, electronic products are intruding into our everyday life, both in the household and in industry, resulting in increasing numbers of electronic products ending up in waste streams (also known as electronic waste, or e-waste). Electronic products...
doctoral thesis 2018
Jain, K.P. (author)
The end of life of a ship is determined by its owner on the basis of various commercial and technical factors. Once decided to scrap a ship, almost all end-of-life (EOL) ships are sold to recycling yards for dismantling; except for a few which are converted into museums, hotels, storage, and artificial reefs. As the decision is a commercial one,...
doctoral thesis 2017
Jain, K.P. (author), Pruyn, J.F.J. (author), Hopman, J.J. (author)
Ship recycling yards around the world offer a price to the ship owners for buying an obsolete vessel to demolish and recycle based on the ship's end-of-life weight. The offer price is mainly based on the type of ship and the estimated quantity of steel available. The steel weight estimation, in terms of percentage of lightweight (LDT), is...
journal article 2016