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van Driel, B.A. (author), van den Berg, K. J. (author), Smout, M. (author), Dekker, N (author), Kooyman, P.J. (author), Dik, J. (author)
This study reports on the effect of artists’ paint formulation on degradation rates of TiO2-based oil paints. Titanium white oil paint exists in a multitude of different recipes, and the effect of the formulation on photocatalytic binder<br/>degradation kinetics is unknown. These formulations contain, among others, one or both titanium dioxide...
journal article 2018
Yang, D. (author), Šileryte, R. (author), D'Aquilio, A. (author), Turrin, M. (author)
Building performance simulations are usually timeconsuming. They may account for the major portion of time spent in Computational Design Optimization (CDO), for instance, annual hourly daylight and energy simulations. In this case, the optimization may become less efficient or even infeasible within a limited time frame of real-world projects,...
conference paper 2016