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Kārkliņš, Andrejs (author)
The aim of this research is to discuss if it is possible or feasible enough to detect Mind-wandering of individuals using their hand and body movements from video recordings. The basis for this research is “Mementos”[9] data set, containing over 2000 recordings of people watching music videos. During experiment videos from data set were used to...
bachelor thesis 2022
Gerçekcioğlu, S.A. (author)
Networks with a large number of participants and a highly dynamic data exchange are better off using a distributed networking system due to network failures in centralized networks. However, with the increase in distributed networking, security problems arise in distributed processes. Injection of malicious data, for example, must be dealt with...
master thesis 2021
Ioannidou, Eleni (author)
Europe is a continent with diverse climatic conditions. The dominant climates are the Oceanic, the Mediterranean and the Continental ones. The western part of Europe has an oceanic climate, southern Europe has a Mediterranean climate and eastern Europe has a continental climate. Because of such heterogeneities, a vast range of extreme climatic...
master thesis 2019