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Luo, Yun (author), Xiang, Pengcheng (author), Li, B. (author)
As a development form of the creative industry, the Artist Village is a high concern of the Chinese government, and it has achieved rapid developments in China in recent years. However, many Artist Villages come to an untimely end a short period after their birth and fail to realize sustainable development. In this study, an empirical analysis...
journal article 2023
di Biase, M. (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Bacchelli, A. (author)
Background: Code review is a cognitively demanding and time-consuming process. Previous qualitative studies hinted at how decomposing change sets into multiple yet internally coherent ones would improve the reviewing process. So far, literature provided no quantitative analysis of this hypothesis.<br/>Aims: (1) Quantitatively measure the effects...
journal article 2019
Squires, G (author), Heurkens, E.W.T.M. (author)
Real estate development is a significant factor in planning the built environment. It shapes the way people live and work, and by doing so enables human activity to evolve. Real estate development forms a contemporary reflection of social, economic, environmental, and political forces at hand. Furthermore, due to globalization, we are...
journal article 2016