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Wang, Y. (author), Makkee, M. (author)

Toyota's Di-Air DeNOx system is a promising DeNOx system to meet NOx emission requirement during the real driving, yet, a fundamental understanding largely lacks, e.g. the benefit of fast frequency fuel injection. Ceria is the main ingredient in Di-Air catalyst composition. Hence, we investigated the reduction...

journal article 2018
Wang, Y. (author)
Nitrogenoxides (NOx, including NO and NOx) are a group of hazardous, toxic and harmfulgasses, which have an adverse effect on both environment and human health,e.g., acid rain, photochemical smog, and affecting the human respiratorysystem. The NOx concentration in most of the EUcities exceeds the EU annual limit value (40 μg/m3). Around40% of...
doctoral thesis 2017
Wang, Y. (author), Posthuma De Boer, J (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Makkee, M. (author)

Temporal analysis of product (TAP) is used to investigate the effectiveness of CO, C3H6, and C3H8 in the reduction of a La–Zr doped ceria catalyst and NO reduction into N2 over this pre-reduced catalyst. Hydrocarbons are found to be substantially more effective in the reduction of this...

journal article 2016