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dos Santos Pinto Leite, Henrique (author)
In this bachelor's thesis we will solve the Dirichlet problem with an L<sup>p</sup>(T) boundary function. First, we will focus on the holomorphic version of the Dirichlet problem and introduce Hardy space theory, from which will follow a sufficient condition on the Fourier coefficients of the boundary function. Then we will prove the...
bachelor thesis 2018
Slooff, J.W. (author)
An overview is provided of computational methods that can be used in solving the design problem of aerodynamics; i.e. the problem of finding the detailed shape of (parts of) configurations of which the gross geometric characteristics have already been determined in a preliminary, overall design process, and that, subject to certain constraints,...
report 1984
Boerstoel, J.W. (author)
In this study, an algorithm for the computational design of supercritical shock-free aerofoils is developed and analyzed with hodograph theory. Such an algorithm may be based on the combination of two approaches for the construction of solutions of the flow equations for shock-free transonic flow. In the first approach, such solutions are...
report 1977