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Castiel Reis de Souza, A. (author), Elisiário de Carvalho, Darlan Karlo (author), de Moura Cavalcante, Túlio (author), Licapa Contreras, Fernando Raul (author), Edwards, Michael G. (author), Lyra, Paulo Roberto Maciel (author)
A novel Flux Limited Splitting (FLS) non-linear Finite Volume (FV) method for families of linear Control Volume Distributed Multi Point Flux Approximation (CVD-MPFA) schemes is presented. The new formulation imposes a local discrete maximum principal (LDMP) which ensures that the discrete solution is free of spurious oscillations. The FLS scheme...
journal article 2024
Lukyanov, A. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author)
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) has been extensively used to model high and low Reynolds number flows, free surface flows and collapse of dams, study pore-scale flow and dispersion, elasticity, and thermal problems. In different applications, it is required to have a stable and accurate discretization of the elliptic operator with...
journal article 2020