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Tosto, F. (author), Wheeler, Andrew (author), Pini, M. (author)
In this work, we investigate the sources of dissipation in adiabatic boundary layers of non-ideal compressible fluid flows. Direct numerical simulations of transitional, zero-pressure gradient boundary layers are performed with an in-house solver considering two fluids characterized by different complexity of the fluid molecules, namely air...
book chapter 2023
Pini, M. (author), de Servi, C.M. (author)
This paper documents a numerical study on entropy generation in zero-pressure gradient, laminar boundary layers of adiabatic non-ideal compressible fluid flows. The entropy generation is expressed in terms of dissipation coefficient $$C:\mathrm {d}$$ and its dependency on free-stream Mach number, fluid molecular complexity, and flow non...
conference paper 2020
Nedumaran, A.K. (author)
Vortex Generators (VGs) are flow control devices commonly applied in wind turbine blades, among other applications. A significant advance in the design of wind turbine blades would be the integration of vortex generators in the aerofoil optimisation process. Currently, aerofoil optimisation relies on either computational fluid dynamics or...
master thesis 2016