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Stahl, Dominik (author)
Distant Retrograde Orbits (DROs) are special orbits for third bodies in two-body systems. The third body revolves around the secondary – the smaller of the two primaries – in a retrograde way, meaning the direction is opposite to the direction that the primaries revolve around each other. DROs are not close to either of the primaries, making it...
master thesis 2022
Heiligers, M.J. (author), Macdonald, Malcolm (author), Parker, Jeffrey S. (author)
This paper presents families of libration point orbits in the Earth-Moon system that originate from complementing the classical circular restricted three-body problem with a solar sail. Through the use of a differential correction scheme in combination with a continuation on the solar sail induced acceleration, families of Lyapunov, halo,...
journal article 2016