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Pantela, Patroclos (author)
This research work tries to provide a model-based, distributed Fault Diagnosis (FD) framework that will eventually act as an early warning system for online monitoring of the marine propulsion process, in order to avoid future failures and accidents. Furthermore, the introduction of adaptive thresholds in the monitoring modules of the monitoring...
master thesis 2022
Kougiatsos, N. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Reppa, V. (author)
This paper proposes a distributed model-based methodology for the detection and isolation of sensor faults in marine fuel engines. The proposed method considers a Mean Value First Principle model and a wide selection of heterogeneous sensors for monitoring the engine components. The detection of faults is realised based on residuals generated...
journal article 2022
Rostampour, Vahab (author), Ferrari, Riccardo M.G. (author), Teixeira, André M.H. (author), Keviczky, T. (author)
Distributed fault diagnosis has been proposed as an effective technique for monitoring large scale, nonlinear and uncertain systems. It is based on the decomposition of the large scale system into a number of interconnected subsystems, each one monitored by a dedicated Local Fault Detector (LFD). Neighboring LFDs, in order to successfully...
journal article 2018