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Driebergen, Joost (author)
Almost four million people in the Netherlands who live below sea level are protected by 17000 km of dikes against the water. Since deformation can be an indicator of a developing failure mechanism, information about this parameter can help authorities to detect weak spots in the dutch water defense structures. <br/>In this research, Radar...
master thesis 2019
Samiei Esfahany, S. (author)
During the last decades, time-series interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) has emerged as a powerful technique to measure various surface deformation phenomena of the earth. Early generations of time-series InSAR methodologies, i.e. Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI), focused on point targets, which are mainly man-made features...
doctoral thesis 2017
Samiei Esfahany, S. (author), Martins, Joana E. (author), van Leijen, F.J. (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author)
In recent years, new algorithms have been proposed to retrieve maximum available information in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometric stacks with focus on distributed scatterers. The key step in these algorithms is to optimally estimate single-master (SM) wrapped phases for each pixel from all possible interferometric combinations,...
journal article 2016