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Baldassarre, Alessandro (author), Martinez, Marcias (author), Rans, C.D. (author)
The present study reports on the evaluation of residual stress field formation and distribution in Central Cut Plies (CCP) specimens. Real-time measurements were performed using a distributed sensing fiber optic system based on Rayleigh Backscattering, which was successfully able to capture strain distribution inside the adhesive layer at...
review 2020
Baldassarre, Alessandro (author), Ocampo, Juan (author), Martinez, Marcias (author), Rans, C.D. (author)
The application of strain gauges as recommended by the ASTM standards provides accurate strain measurements in isotropic materials. However, their use in composite materials becomes more challenging due to their anisotropic nature. In this study, we hypothesized that the use of the distributed sensing system and the three-dimensional digital...
journal article 2020
Martinez Bueno, P. (author), Martinez, M.J. (author), Rans, C.D. (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
The primary objective of this research study was to evaluate the capabilities for measuring strain of a composite UAV wing with an embedded optical fiber connected to a Rayleigh backscattering distributed sensing system. This research paper summarizes the manufacturing procedure used during the instrumentation of the composite UAV wing. In...
journal article 2016