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Ahmad, J.I. (author)
Drinking water distribution systems (DWDSs) are intended to supply hygienically safe and biostable water for human consumption. To supply aesthetically pleasant drinking water at the customers tap, water treatment and supply requires energy for production and distribution purposes (e.g. overall between 0.47 kWh/m<sup>3</sup> in the Netherlands)....
doctoral thesis 2022
Zhou, X. (author), Ahmad, J.I. (author), van der Hoek, J.P. (author), Zhang, Kejia (author)
Thermal energy recovery from drinking water has a high potential in the application of sustainable building and industrial cooling. However, drinking water and biofilm microbial qualities should be concerned because the elevated water temperature after cold recovery may influence the microbial activities in water and biofilm phases in drinking...
journal article 2020