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Onkhar, V. (author), Bazilinskyy, P. (author), Dodou, D. (author), de Winter, J.C.F. (author)
Many fatal accidents that involve pedestrians occur at road crossings, and are attributed to a breakdown of communication between pedestrians and drivers. Thus, it is important to investigate how forms of communication in traffic, such as eye contact, influence crossing decisions. Thus far, there is little information about the effect of...
journal article 2022
Onkhar, V. (author), Bazilinskyy, P. (author), Stapel, J.C.J. (author), Dodou, D. (author), Gavrila, D. (author), de Winter, J.C.F. (author)
Non-verbal communication, such as eye contact between drivers and pedestrians, has been regarded as one way to reduce accident risk. So far, studies have assumed rather than objectively measured the occurrence of eye contact. We address this research gap by developing an eye contact detection method and testing it in an indoor experiment with...
journal article 2021
Onkhar, Vishal (author)
Pedestrians today are very vulnerable on urban roads. Clear communication between drivers and pedestrians is one way to reduce their plight. Non-verbal communication in particular plays an important role in road safety, and eye contact is a kind of non-verbal communication that has the potential to minimize on-road collisions. However, with the...
master thesis 2020