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Hosseinimehr, S.M. (author)
In various geo-engineering fields, accurate and scalable modeling of fluid and heat transport in the subsurface fractured porous media is important in order to fulfill scientific, economical and societal expectations on successful field development plans. Such models and the predictions they provide, contribute to efficient and safe operations...
doctoral thesis 2021
Cusini, M. (author), Gielisse, Robin (author), Groot, Hans (author), van Kruijsdijk, C.P.J.W. (author), Hajibeygi, H. (author)
Field-scale simulation of flow in porous media in presence of incomplete mixing demands for high-resolution computational grids, much beyond the scope of state-of-the-art simulators. Hence, the upscaling-based Todd and Longstaff (TL) approach is typically used, where coarse grid cells are employed with effective mixing fluid properties and...
journal article 2018