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Knuppe, Joep (author)
Increasing housing demand in Europe and the need to be more sustainable are asking the construction industry to leave the traditional pathways and innovate. An emerging construction method with volumetric timber modules potentially offers the solution. However little is known about the robustness of this new innovation. Therefore, this thesis...
master thesis 2022
Sleeuwaegen, Shannon (author)
At this moment hydraulic structures are designed based on a simple method: the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) method. This method does not consider the full dynamic interaction between the wave impacts, structure and water. The research project DynaHicS focusses on the dynamic behaviour of hydraulic structures, taking into account fluid...
master thesis 2020
Knoppe, Kristel (author)
Offshore assets experience wave forcings on a daily basis. Whilst the assets are designed with an airgap to protect the deck from these impacts, environments are prone to change, leaving the airgap to be insufficient. <br/><br/>Wave-in-deck (WID) is the phenomenon of waves hitting the deck despite of the airgap. The forcing exerted on the deck...
master thesis 2017