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van der Tholen, Max (author)
Floating offshore wind turbines offer opportunities to harvest wind energy at deep-water locations, where the construction of fixed-base turbines is infeasible. The dynamic power cables, which interconnect turbines and transport the generated electricity, are under large dynamic stresses due to the environmental loads and the motion of the...
master thesis 2023
de Jong, Olivier (author)
In contrast to traditional power cables for bottom-founded offshore wind turbines, power cables for floating wind turbines penetrate the water column and are exposed to cyclic loading. Due to the dynamic nature of the cable loading, the cables are prone to fatigue failure. Since the evaluation of the fatigue life of complex structures, like...
master thesis 2022
Beerens, M.A. (author)
The latest Conference of Parties at Paris resulted in an important agreement that 27 percent of the total European energy consumption has to come from renewable energy in 2030. Offshore wind energy is an important resource for renewable energy. The shortage of shallow water areas pushed offshore wind farms into deeper waters. Floating Offshore...
master thesis 2016