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Klein, Martin (author), Ziade, Ahmad (author), de Vries, L.J. (author)
PV-battery systems are currently not operated in an energy system optimal way as their operation heuristic (maximization of self-consumption) is generally unaffected by competitive market signals. To evaluate potential regulatory intervention, we propose a market alignment indicator which measures the relative economic efficiency of a prosumer...
journal article 2019
Koliou, E. (author)
With the grasp of a smart grid in sight, discussions have shifted the focus of system security measures away from generation capacity; apart from modifying the supply side, demand may also be exploited to keep the system in balance. Specifically, Demand Response (DR) is the concept of consumer load modification as a result of price signaling,...
doctoral thesis 2016
Van Duin, J.H.R. (author), Van Kolck, A. (author), Anand, N. (author), Tavasszy, L.A. (author), Taniguchi, E. (author)
Previous modelling attempts show that theoretically the urban distribution centre appears to be successful in many cases, which is in sharp contrast with the real world showing the fact that only 15 out of 200 urban distribution centres are running after 5 years. It can be concluded that modeling approaches do not seem to predict well with...
journal article 2012