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Quaglietta, E. (author), Spartalis, Panagiotis (author), Wang, Meng (author), Goverde, R.M.P. (author), van Koningsbruggen, Paul (author)
To address the ever-growing rail transport demand, the concept of Virtual Coupling train operations is gradually gaining ground within the railway industry. Thanks to a Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, trains could be separated by less than an absolute braking distance and even form connected platoons to increase capacity at bottlenecks....
journal article 2022
Spartalis, Panagiotis (author)
As the demand for transport of goods and passengers increases, the capacity of railway networks is becoming more and more saturated. Railway infrastructure managers aim to increase the rail network capacity with the minimum possible investments in infrastructure. Next generation signalling concepts such as Moving Block (MB) and Virtual Coupling ...
master thesis 2021