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Teixidó, Helena (author), Broggi, G.C. (author), Caglar, Baris (author), Michaud, Véronique (author)
We propose a methodology to monitor the progressive saturation of a non-translucent unidirectional carbon fabric stack through its thickness by means of X-ray radiography and extract the dynamic saturation curves using image analysis. Four constant flow rate injections with increasing flow speed were carried out. These were simulated by a...
journal article 2023
Teixidó, Helena (author), Çağlar, B. (author), Revol, Vincent (author), Michaud, Véronique (author)
Direct visualization is often sought to elucidate flow patterns and validate models to predict the filling kinetics during processes whereby a liquid resin infiltrates a textile porous preform. Here, X-ray phase contrast interferometry is evaluated to image in-operando constant flow rate impregnation experiments of a model fluid into glass,...
journal article 2021