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Van Eyndhoven, Simon (author), Dupont, Patrick (author), Tousseyn, Simon (author), Vervliet, Nico (author), Van Paesschen, Wim (author), Van Huffel, Sabine (author), Hunyadi, Borbala (author)
EEG-correlated fMRI analysis is widely used to detect regional BOLD fluctuations that are synchronized to interictal epileptic discharges, which can provide evidence for localizing the ictal onset zone. However, the typical, asymmetrical and mass-univariate approach cannot capture the inherent, higher order structure in the EEG data, nor...
journal article 2021
Van Eyndhoven, Simon (author), Hunyadi, Borbala (author), Dupont, Patrick (author), Van Paesschen, Wim (author), Van Huffel, Sabine (author)
To improve the accuracy of detecting the ictal onset zone, we propose to enhance the epilepsy-related activity present in the EEG signals, before mapping their BOLD correlates through EEG-correlated fMRI analysis.
journal article 2019