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Padhi, Abhilash (author)
Coffee farmers and producers in Kerala (India) face a serious obstacle in their pursuit of a self-sustaining coffee processing technology and fuel deficiency. Research indicates that coffee, as one of the largest industries, generates a huge amount of waste, namely Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs). This study aims to evaluate the feasibility and...
master thesis 2022
Klaassen, Nine (author), Scheepens, A.E. (author), Flipsen, Bas (author), Vogtländer, J.G. (author)
In search of sustainable business models, product innovation must fulfil a double objective: the new product must have a higher (market) value, and at the same time a lower eco-burden. To achieve this objective, it is an imperative that the value, the total costs of ownership, and the eco-burden of a product are analysed at the beginning of...
journal article 2020