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Janssen, D.I. (author)
This thesis describes the analysis and design of a more universal connection for the connection of EXO-L to the foot. EXO-L is a product is a product that prevents ankle sprains with the foot rotating towards the inside (lateral ankle sprains). EXO-L works by connecting the foot to a 3D printed part around the ankle in a particular way. In the...
master thesis 2014
Fleuren, M. (author), Molenbroek, J.F.M. (author), Kleinrensink, G.J. (author), Verschoor, S. (author), Zaanen, D. (author)
Veel sporters die een enkelverzwikking hebben doorgemaakt gebruiken tape of een brace om herhaling te voorkomen. Beide methoden kennen in de praktijk een aantal voor- en nadelen. De externe enkelband EXO-L, een innovatie die is ontwikkeld door de TU Delft en het Erasmus MC, biedt een nieuwe oplossing
journal article 2014
Karels, R. (author)
Exo Ligament is a company which has developed a new type of ankle brace. In part, the products workings rely on the user’s unique ankle geometry which ensures maximum comfort and reliability. By conforming the brace to the user’s ankle geometry, the company’s has chosen to realize a unique mass customization concept. The development of a...
master thesis 2013