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Verhagen, J.D. (author), van der Zaag, P. (author), Abraham, E. (author)
Integrating the planning of a multi-reservoir system in nexus with agricultural and electricity infrastructure could alleviate security concerns for these resources in regions where demand is growing while water and land scarcity are exacerbated by climate change and anthropogenic pressures. This study focuses on the benefits of resource...
journal article 2021
Verhagen, Jeroen (author)
Water, energy and food resources are fundamental for human survival and are critical for supporting economic development. However, ensuring adequate supply is a major concern for the entire world, specifically in some countries and regions. Under the pressure of population growth, economic development, international trade, urbanization,...
master thesis 2020
Digna, R.F.M.O. (author), Mohamed, Yasir A. (author), van der Zaag, P. (author), Uhlenbrook, S. (author), van der Krogt, Wil (author), Corzo, Gerald (author)
The Eastern Nile riparian countries are currently developing several reservoir projects to contribute to the needs for energy and food production in the region. In the absence of formal mechanisms for collaboration, the transboundary nature of the Eastern Nile basin makes water resources development challenging. The large seasonal and...
journal article 2018