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Heijen, W.J. (author)
Review of the Project and History of the Design: 1. 1 Overall picture of the project (H. Engel) 1. 2 Review of the various designs (F. Spaargaren) 1. 3 Special geotechnical studies and their unexpected effects (J. W. Boehmer) Stress-strain Behaviour of Oosterschelde Sands 2. 1 Stress-strain behaviour from stress path tests (W. A. Marr, K. Hoeg)...
report 1978
Nath, J.H. (author)
In The Netherlands recurring floods have occurred in the southwestern part of the country from infrequent large storm surge from the ocean. The Delta plan was originated to increase the safety against flooding. This resulted in shortening of the coastline by closure of various estuaries, including the Eastern Scheldt estuary. A closure of the...
report 1977
Brochure on all aspects of the execution of the barrier.