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Hosseini, A. (author), Dhiman, Vinod (author), Meijer, Koen (author), Zeilstra, Christiaan (author), Hage, Johannes (author), Peeters, Tim (author), Offerman, S.E. (author), Yang, Y. (author)
The HIsarna process is a new and breakthrough smelting reduction process for hot metal (liquid iron) production from iron ores and coal directly fed into the reactor. The flue gas from the main reactor enters the off-gas system containing small amounts of H<sub>2</sub>, CO and carbon particles which need to be removed before further treatment...
journal article 2022
Ren, Mengmeng (author), Wang, Shuzhong (author), Romero-Anton, N. (author), Zhao, Junxue (author), Zou, Chong (author), Roekaerts, D.J.E.M. (author)
Eddy dissipation concept (EDC) model and flamelet generated manifolds (FGM) model are developed separately to study the temperature profiles and extinction limits of non-premixed hydrothermal flames. Predictions by the two models are evaluated comparatively by experimental data in literatures. FGM model shows relatively better prediction of...
journal article 2021
De, A. (author), Oldenhof, E. (author), Sathiah, P. (author), Roekaerts, D. (author)
In this paper, we report results of a numerical investigation of turbulent natural gas combustion for a jet in a coflow of lean combustion products in the Delft-Jet-in-Hot-Coflow (DJHC) burner which emulates MILD (Moderate and Intense Low Oxygen Dilution) combustion behavior. The focus is on assessing the performance of the Eddy Dissipation...
journal article 2011