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Wang, K. (author), Wang, Jianhang (author), Huang, Lianzhong (author), Yuan, Yupeng (author), Wu, Guitao (author), Xing, Hui (author), Wang, Zhongyi (author), Wang, Zhuang (author), Jiang, X. (author)
Ship energy consumption and emission prediction are critical for ship energy efficiency management and pollution gas emission control, both of which are major concerns for the shipping industry and hence continue to attract global attention and research interest. This article examined the energy efficiency data sources, big data analysis for...
review 2022
Hong, Z. (author)
Reducing weight and improving strength of structures have always been major design goals in the aerospace industry since its inception. In particular, strength directly affects the safety and serviceability of an airplane and is therefore of great importance in structural design. Improving the strength of an airframe can effectively increase its...
doctoral thesis 2020