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Brink, Wyger M. (author), Remis, R.F. (author), Webb, A. (author)
Purpose: High permittivity dielectric pads are known to be effective for tailoring the RF field and improving image quality in high field MRI. Despite a number of studies reporting benign specific absorption rate (SAR) effects, their “universal” safety remains an open concern. In this work, we evaluate the impact of the insulation material in...
journal article 2023
Androulakis, Ioannis (author), Mestrom, Rob M.C. (author), Christianen, Miranda E.M.C. (author), Kolkman‐deurloo, Inger Karine K. (author), van Rhoon, G.C. (author)
The combination of interstitial hyperthermia treatment (IHT) with high dose rate brachytherapy (HDR‐BT) can improve clinical outcomes since it highly enhances the efficiency of cell kill, especially when applied simultaneously. Therefore, we have developed the ThermoBrachy applicators. To effectively apply optimal targeted IHT, treatment...
journal article 2022
Krasnov, O.A. (author), Yarovoy, A. (author)
A simple electromagnetic model of wind-turbine's main structural elements as the linear wired structures is developed to simulate the temporal patterns of observed radar return Doppler spectra (micro-Doppler). Using the model, the micro-Doppler for different combinations of the turbines rotation frequency, radar pulse repetition frequency, and...
journal article 2015