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Simader, Thomas (author)
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) data has proven to be a powerful tool for non-invasively estimating the electrical properties of the shallow subsurface. Petrophysical relationships allow them to be converted into hydrological parameters such as soil water content (SWC) and porosity. In the presence of thin layers, complex wave phenomena can occur...
master thesis 2023
Scherders, Eva (author)
Imaging by inversion of acoustic or electromagnetic wave fields have applications in a wide variety of areas, such as non-destructive testing, biomedical applications, and geophysical explorations. Unfortunately, each modality suffers from its own application specific limitations, typically being difficulties in distinguishing different...
master thesis 2022
Ozdemir, Ozgur (author), Oncu, Ahmet (author), van Dongen, K.W.A. (author)
Ultrasound and microwave scanners are developed to scan the breast on the presence of cancer. Typically, these modalities are used independently. Here we investigate if we can achieve an improved resolution if we merge both modalities into a single device. In particular, we test if we can improve the resolution of the resulting images by...
conference paper 2018