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Boes, Deborah M. (author), Godoy Hernandez, A. (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author)
Membrane proteins can be classified into two main categories—integral and peripheral membrane proteins—depending on the nature of their membrane interaction. Peripheral membrane proteins are highly unique amphipathic proteins that interact with the membrane indirectly, using electrostatic or hydrophobic interactions, or directly, using...
journal article 2021
Di Savino, Antonella (author), Foerster, Johannes M. (author), la Haye, D. (author), Blok, Anneloes (author), Timmer, Monika (author), Ullmann, G. Matthias (author), Ubbink, M. (author)
Electrostatic interactions can strongly increase the efficiency of protein complex formation. The charge distribution in redox proteins is often optimized to steer a redox partner to the electron transfer active binding site. To test whether the optimized distribution is more important than the strength of the electrostatic interactions, an...
journal article 2020