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Du, Y. (author), Arkesteijn, M.H. (author), den Heijer, A.C. (author), Kun, Song (author)
Higher education institutions (HEIs) in both early and mature stages of sustainable development (SD) have been moving toward sustainability. Methods for assessing SD have been developed from global and regional contexts to support sustainability efforts. The purpose of this paper is to formulate guidelines as input to develop a sustainable...
journal article 2020
de Geus, Tom (author)
In this report the potential effect of framing on the decision-making process in participatory value evaluation is researched. Participatory Value Evaluation, PVE, is a method of evaluating citizens preference targeted towards public projects and their budget. For instance, PVE can measure the preference of citizens when allocating alternative...
master thesis 2019
Koutrouvelis, A.I. (author)
The first part of the present thesis reviews the speech production mechanism and several models of the glottal flow derivative waveform and of the vocal tract filter. The source filter model is investigated in depth, since it is the most important "ingredient" of linear prediction analysis. We also review seven linear prediction (LP) methods...
master thesis 2014