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de Jong, Miranda (author)
Munition articles may be sensitive to case-crushing loading. This is a potential safety hazard since it may lead to accidental detonation. A better understanding of the mechanism causing the munition articles to react can help improve safety. A finite element model combined with post-processing is used to model a Steven test. This thesis...
master thesis 2022
Bayram, Ebu (author)
Everywhere in our country there are buildings and neighborhoods that keep history up to date and touch people. They tell stories about where we come from, who we are and how we develop. In the face of major changes in our living environment, heritage offers recognition and gives us something to hold onto, and identity. In addition, monuments and...
master thesis 2020
Rijnders, Bart (author)
The performance of gun and rocket propellants, which consist of energetic materials, is largely determined by their geometry and composition. Con- ventional production methods limit the performance by putting constraints on both. With additive manufacturing, or 3D-printing, there are signi- cantly fewer geometry constraints and together with the...
master thesis 2019