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Tarcy, A. (author), Vlekke, Jimmy (author), de Vos, Adriaan (author), Hoonhout, Douwe (author), Straatman, Martijn (author)
This report consummates the Bachelor Project TI3806 course. To accumulate a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, it is compulsory to pass this course. The project, spanning a duration of ten weeks, is described in this report. The project client was Adviesgroep Strategisch Gebouwbeheer...
bachelor thesis 2019
Cai, Z. (author), van Veldhoven, Robert (author), Suy, Hilco (author), de Graaf, G. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), Pertijs, M.A.P. (author)
This paper presents a readout circuit for a carbon dioxide (COࠢ) sensor that measures the CO₂-dependent thermal time constant of a hot-wire transducer. The readout circuit periodically heats up the transducer and uses a phase-domain Δ Σ modulator to digitize the phase shift of the resulting...
journal article 2018
EDntrop, A.G. (author), Dewulf, G.P.M.R. (author)
Many innovative techniques and policy measures have been introduced to reduce energy consumption. Despite the high ambitions and societal pressures, the adoption rate of energy measures in office buildings is still low. Using adoption theories this paper provides a framework to analyse the adoption process of energy saving techniques in building...
conference paper 2011