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Van den Ende, D.A. (author)
The piezoelectric effect, which causes a material to generate a voltage when it deforms, is very suitable for making integrated sensors, and (micro-) generators. However, conventional piezoelectric materials are either brittle ceramics or certain polymers with a low thermal stability, which limits their practical application to certain specific...
doctoral thesis 2012
Van den Ende, D.A. (author), Van de Wiel, H.J. (author), Groen, W.A. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author)
Direct piezoelectric strain energy harvesting can be used to power wireless autonomous sensors in environments where low frequency, high strains are present, such as in automobile tires during operation. However, these high strains place stringent demands on the materials with respect to mechanical failure or depolarization, especially at...
journal article 2011