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van As, Vincent (author)
The research conducts an analysis of the Dutch day-ahead electricity market prices spanning from 2015 to 2022, examining the relationship between increasing RE penetration and day-ahead electricity price fluctuations. The electricity price fluctuations over this time period are reviewed for patterns and recalculated for inflation corrections...
master thesis 2023
Auping, Willem L. (author), Pruyt, E. (author), de Jong, Sijbren (author), Kwakkel, J.H. (author)
While the shale revolution was largely a US’ affair, it affects the global energy system. In this paper, we look at the effects of this spectacular increase in natural gas, and oil, extraction capacity can have on the mix of primary energy sources, on energy prices, and through that on internal political stability of rentier states. We use...
journal article 2016