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Coraddu, A. (author), Gil, Antoni (author), Akhmetov, Bakytzhan (author), Yang, Lizhong (author), Romagnoli, Alessandro (author), Ritari, Antti (author), Huotari, Janne (author), Tammi, Kari (author)
Energy efficiency measures are a priority in the near term to reduce the carbon intensity of maritime sector in the next years. Since 2017, IMO has been proposing policies to rapidly promote the adoption of cleaner technologies and fuels for oceangoing vessels. Lithium-ion batteries have been recently installed onboard smaller scale ferries...
book chapter 2022
Kulesza, Dagmara (author), bos, A.J.J. (author), Zych, Eugeniusz (author)
Thermoluminescent properties and energy storage characteristics of Lu<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>:Tb,M (M = Hf, Ti, Nb) sintered ceramics induced by ionizing radiation are presented and discussed. Dose-response dependence, radiation hardness and fading are studied. A linearity of the former exceeding seven orders of magnitude is confirmed for Lu...
journal article 2018
Grazioli, D. (author), Magri, M. (author), Salvadori, A. (author)
This review focuses on energy storage materials modeling, with particular emphasis on Li-ion batteries. Theoretical and computational analyses not only provide a better understanding of the intimate behavior of actual batteries under operational and extreme conditions, but they may tailor new materials and shape new architectures in a...
journal article 2016