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Le Coz, C. (author)
Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) is a well established model order reduction technique, however its efficiency is limited for advection dominated model. In this report, we explore a modified proper orthogonal decomposition procedure with patterns in time instead of the usual patterns in space. This modified procedure is more suitable for...
master thesis 2015
Tsompanopoulos, E. (author)
Based on satellite observations of Earths time variable gravity field from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), it is possible to derive variations in terrestrial water storage. Tiny variations of gravity from monthly into a decade time scales are mainly due to redistributions of water mass inside the surface fluid envelops of...
master thesis 2010
Widiastuti, E. (author)
Terrestrial water storage (TWS) can be defined as the storage of water on and below the land surface, and includes snow, ice, surface water, soil moisture, and ground water. TWS is a key component of the terrestrial and global hydrological cycles, which have important control over the water, energy and biogeochemical fluxes, and plays a major...
master thesis 2009