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Kalia, Yash (author)
Search engine Entity Cards(ECs) display conciseinformation from the web about a topic or subjectin response to a user query. The topic or subjectcan be a person, an organization etc. and is referredto as an “Entity”. The specific topic under researchis how to determine which entity is most relevantfor the query in terms of helping the user find...
bachelor thesis 2021
Salimzadeh, S. (author), Maxwell, D.M. (author), Hauff, C. (author)
Entity cards are a common occurrence in today's web Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). SERPs provide information on a complex information object in a structured manner. Typically, they combine data from several search verticals. They have been shown to: (i) increase users' engagement with the SERP; and (ii) improve decision making for certain...
conference paper 2021