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Wolf, Emiel (author)
The goal of this project is to find a way to get people to consume less, by changing what they do to improve their subjective well-being. It was found that the main issue that needed tackling is the fact that, currently, people are addicted to consumption - they depend on consumption for their happiness. The best way to remedy this would be to...
master thesis 2019
Jain, R. (author)
This Master thesis report presents how design methodology founded on principles of positive psychology can be used to design for the prevention of stress. People who work in stressful professions are at increased risk of health problems. One of the key ways to maintain a positive outlook on life is by increasing the resilience of an individual,...
master thesis 2016
Relats Torante, M. (author)
The garden of delights and a panopticon prison are very similar actually: being inside walls, being protected, is central. Many archaic ideas of happiness are depicted in enclosed safe spaces. That idea presupposes that the outside is a place of danger and corruption and the inside is safe and good, also morally good, where virtue resides and...
master thesis 2011